The All-Ireland MS research network (AIMS-RN) was established in February 2021, to connect MS researchers on the island of Ireland. The network will focus on supporting research that targets disease progression in MS.



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The European Multiple Sclerosis Platform is recognized by policymakers due to its strong track record of collaborations with EU institutions.

Long-term benefits of disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) Several long-term studies were presented at three neurology conferences (Copaxone, Aubagio, Tecfidera, Tysabri and Ocrevus); during a 5-10-year period, Tecfidera showed very hopeful outcomes: low rates of relapses or worsening of patients’ disability, even in older patients, which was translated into higher work productivity and preservation of the youngest patients’ jobs. Ocrevus rendered the lowest relapse rate during six years. Remarkably, 50% early-treated cases prevented relapses; nonetheless, therapies were less effective as soon as patients reached the progressive stage. (9th June 2020)

Bone marrow transplants (BMT) for MS Outstanding results were spotted for severe relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) patients, but sadly, the outcome for Progressive MS patients was not so positive, reaching 75% disability worsening. MS patients underwent BMT over a 20-tear period, with a 4-year follow-up in Italy. In conclusion, younger patients with early RRMS are more likely to benefit from BMT rather than PMS patients, because BMT won’t reverse the progression of the disease. (4th June 2020)

Walking routine in MS The study was conducted in MS patients with moderate disability. Patients who opted for Walk-Break-Walk cycles increased their endurance, which was reflected on fewer breaks throughout the activity. (30th June 2020)

Global COVID-19 advice for people with MS  

Cognitive Occupation-Based programme for people with Multiple Sclerosis (COB-MS) This study evaluates the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of COB-MS for people with MS.