25th – 27th May 2021
In vitro Model Systems for Neurodegenerative Diseases at Syddansk Universitet (SDU), Denmark.
Please see the programmes with registration details for the training day (25th May) and the main event (26th & 27th May) below:


11th – 13th November 2020
Functionalised Biomaterials for Neurodegenerative Disorders at National University Ireland Galway (NUIG), Ireland. Please see our flyer and the speaker’s links below.

Prof. Alan Thompson – Watch here: Are we making progress in progressive MS?

Prof. Richard Reynolds – Watch here: Inflammation-induced neurodegeneration in the MS brain.

Prof. Abhay Pandit – Watch here: Understanding the regenerative response induced by biomaterials systems.

Dr Ben Newland – Watch here: Developing a biomaterial toolbox for studying brain function, pathology and repair.

Dr Sinéad Hynes – Watch here: Why should we care about cognition in MS and what works in cognitive rehabilitation?

Mr. Conor Duffy– Watch here: The role of microRNAs in repair processes in MS

Prof. Alexis Donnelly – Watch here: People with MS as Co-Pilots

Dr Una FitzGerald – Watch here: Lab Greening – How you can play your part.

Prof. Larry ShermanAltering the extracellular matrix to promote re-myelination.

Prof. Ana Pego – From the mechanobiology of the glial scar to the management of MS.

Prof. Charles ffrench-Constant – The regulation of myelination and its implications for re-myelination strategies.

Prof. Sue Barnett – Heparin sulphate (HS) mimetics; novel therapeutics for CNS repair.

Prof. Anthony Day – Protein-glycosaminoglycan interactions in inflammatory processes.

Dr Yvonne Dombrowski – Innate and adaptive immune mechanisms in myelin regeneration in the CNS.

Ms. Emma Rogan – How to connect your research to my Life.


Autumn 2021
In vivo Model Systems and Imaging for Neurodegenerative Disease at Universiteit Antwerpen (UA), Belgium.

Spring 2022
Entrepreneurship, IPR, Exploitation, Commercialisation and Innovation at Contipro, Czech Republic.